Friday, October 01, 2010

The Numbers Game

Many bloggers judge the success or failure of their blogs by the numbers of visitors they attract. To an extent, it is an accurate measure of popularity.

I have noticed this last week that my numbers are down by about 30 visits per day. This isn't due to readers being turned off, but because I haven't raised hell about anything recently. People seem to feed on controversy and opinionated diatribes. Yes, I can and have been opinionated on many subjects, but hey the sun is out, a beautiful week of weather is present and all is well in Bayview.

The Ockoberfish derby will get under way tomorrow, after tonight's auction and German dinner for ticket holders. The week-end is predicted to be gorgeous right up until Monday, when reality intrudes.

In short, things are going right more than wrong and I'm at a mellow place. No, don't call 911. I'll revert as soon as someone or some group does something stupid.

Wait! I just thought of something. It turns out that a member of the Bayview Chamber of commerce nominating committee was heard to say that they didn't like Norma Jean Knowles who is attempting to run for Board member at large. Norma Jean is administrative officer for the marinas in town which of course would be something that a lakeshore community Chamber would obviously want to eliminate. This person is, of course a member in good standing of the Developmental Action committee, a group that for the most part is anti-growth and anti-business. Look for the entire slate of proposed officers to come from that group which seems to have captured the whole of the Chamber by driving off those less controversial. There. I did it. Well how long did you think I would behave, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Touche' Herb!


Anonymous said...

An old frog made a comment at the last chamber meeting ... George, NJ is such a anti DAC .. what do you think George. Is this a hidden code for the wonderful group of people. Why doesn't this old frog just be kissed by nominating committee member and just turn into charming prince. Oh I forgot it is too late. Ralph, you just have to put with this frog.

Bay Views said...

I had one comment that I inadvertantly deleted. It suggested that my numbers were down because of my heresies.

DAC is a religion now?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are too funny Herb but then again maybe DAC is a new relegion!