Thursday, October 14, 2010

County Clerk

This is an interesting contest, as no serious challenger has stepped up for Kootenai County Clerk in the 15 years Dan English has been there. I question the motives of Hayes who probably was a fine police chief, but has no training for the vast sub-departments of the clerk position. This smacks of pure partisanship. The very idea, allowing a democrat to hold office in Kootenai County apparently offends some of the fringe of rational politics. Or perhaps Hayes just needs a job. Any job.

I did a story a couple of years ago in which I covered Deedee Beard and the elections department. At that time, I went away in awe of the professionalism that Deedee and her boss, Dan showed during the election cycles. It pains me to see a fine public servant such as Deedee maligned for partisan purposes. Hanging the 3 vote loss to Kennedy on the elections department is the height of demagoguery at best. To send such a fine person as Deedee into retirement in the way some did is just plain awful.

As to this election, I commonly use a very simple formula for selecting whether to fire an office holder, or hire a new one. My formula is,"If if ain't broke, don't fix it." Folks, the office of Dan English and his perch as county clerk ain't broke. I urge everyone to ignore party affiliations as I have in this and one other case and vote for Dan, the best man for the job.

PS: I received a comment from Bill McCrory in which he correctly noted that I used Harris instead of Hayes. Mea Culpa. I had a brain cramp. The reason that I didn't publish Bill's comment was that he chose to use defamitory language in pointing my error out. He isn't the same gentleman that once helped me repeatedly through the pitfalls of computer ignorance that I once needed and received help with from him. Thank you for all of your help, Bill. Even the comment that you submitted, since it allowed me to correct the error. I forgive you for the anger that this issue spilling over from the litigation caused.


Jeffrey Wherley said...

Great personal story, I don't know Mr. English but have been following the effects of the elections office over the past couple years. The people he has working in his office are some of the finest public servants I have found in KC. That says something for Mr. English. But this trial and another couple other issues about not vetting properly for qualifications to run for office, are errors I have seen of good people that have become complacent in their position.

Until I just read your article I wasn't even aware of any partisanship. In the press it seems his supporter and contractor are crossing party lines. I have no doubts about his management skills to be able to find a group of people that he has, But I feel he is in need of a short vacation, with his management skills I am sure he will land on his feet if he loses. Maybe he is good enough that a close election will serve as well as a vacation.
Thanks for a rational opinion to hear, you have made it so if he wins his reelection I won't be as concerned.

Bill McCrory said...


The word is "defamatory", and I am the same person you knew before. It's just that unlike you, I am still unwilling to tolerate corrupt, incompetent, or lazy public officials. Unlike you, I attended all of the hearings except one and every session of the election contest trial. I examined hundreds of pages of public records and then posted some of them on so everyone who cared to could see just how incompetent and lazy English is. That became necessary because neither the Coeur d'Press nor the Socialist Review (for which I believe you are now a toady, correct?) wanted to touch the facts. Like you, they have their own reasons for ignoring facts. I have no respect for public officials like Dan English, Ben Ysursa, and Tim Hurst who intentionally remain ignorant of the law or willfully violate it. Unlike you, I make no apologies for public officials who betray the public trust.

Bay Views said...

Well Bill, your thoughts are your thoughts and opinions, as mine are. I am, however not nor have I ever been a toady for anyone. Those that know me well will laugh their asses off at that one. You may have missed an important part of my blogging methods. I never call out an individual for ridicule, nor do I call anyone a rude name, nor do I use that method which some lefties do in making fun of those of your group. Never. I respect those that I don't agree with up to and stop at that point. It appears that you are edging past that point of actually making points of specific interest and now wish to join those that use childish retoric to win arguments, just as several of the lefties that haunt HBO do. Sometimes life appears to go full circle.