Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Two Cents

Well, the election is almost upon us and what an interesting year it is.I'm not going to cover all of the mess, but a part of it intrigues me,having never used the blank space for write in candidates in all the 50 years I've voted. That is one thing I'm changing that this year, not once, but twice.

First the race for county commissioner in Kootenai County. Three candidates ran in the primary with incumbent Rick Curry gaining 32% of the vote, Jai Nelson, darling of the libertarian movement with 37% and Chris Fillios at 32%. This was from a total of about 19% turnout of registered voters. Since the election, Fillios has enthusiastically endorsed the write in campaign of Rick Curry. This essentially means that 66% voted against Nelson and her marginal crew.

I believe that without the efforts of some extremists and had Fillios not run, Curry would have walked away with the election. He is one of the most effective commissioners we have ever had. He speaks truth, even if that truth isn't what you want to hear. He works effectively with all political affiliates and doesn't deserve to lose. What is more important, is we can't afford to turn our county government over to extremists. I urge a write in vote for Currie.

The other write-in will be for Griffiths. This is a republican that after all of the revelations regarding Hart came out, just couldn't stay out of the race. That is to his credit, a brave thing to do. To anyone that is listening at all, I need not repeat the sins of Hart. He is an embarrassment to Idaho, the republican party and Kootenai County. That his own party in the ethics investigation held to a straight party line is not to their credit either. He has allegedly stolen from the state, has refused to pay his taxes and has deeded his home and business to a living trust to avoid any responsibility. This is a man that doesn't understand morality at all.

We need to address the severe polarization of the left and right. We need thoughtful office holders that have principles and morals to represent us. I realize that a write-in vote is an uphill battle, but if I am going to represent that principle that I espouse, then this I must do. I urge every one that reads this to give these issues serious thought and vote your conscience.

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