Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Fall Is Here

It doesn't take a pronouncement from me to tell you that fall has arrived. Fortunately for the celebrants at the Centennial country Fair, in excess of 200 people arrived and departed throughout the afternoon. Games, the registration tent blowing away, Ski entering the best leg contest, sack races, we had it all, thanks to an untiring effort by the Centennial committee who worked tirelessly throughout the year, fund raising, promoting events and then executing them.

We had the dedication of the monument entering town, Bayview Daze events including the sale of calendars, picture history books of Bayview's past and of course yours truly through the Spokesman-Review, with a four part history of Bayview. That history only touched the high points and didn't cover the whole area as Linda Hackbarth's publications do, but with space restrictions, the S/R generously donated about 6000 words carefully structured and at least struck the high points.

Like all historical works, it was a living documentary as old truths gave way to new information as always. Linda Hackbarth, unstintingly gave and then gave some more, never hesitating to donate information and pictures that enabled this chronicle to happen.

Our town is quiet today. The splatter of a few rain drops, interrupting the total absence of noise as the tourist season winds down and the town of Bayview becomes, once again, ours. This isn't to say that visitors are not still welcome. With lowered expectations regarding daytime temperatures, September can be the best month of all.

Local businesses are segueing into off season hours, but so far only minor changes. The Buttonhook, with the departure of families has reduced their hours to Friday-Saturday and Sunday, opening at 4:00 pm. The Patio is opening at 10:00 am, instead of the summertime 7:00 am. Ralph's Internet Cafe is still operating at full capacity as well as the Bay Cafe. Updates to these hours and schedules will be posted as necessary. Oops. The Bay Cafe is closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have a great Autumn, hunting season and fall fishing. Speaking of which, the annual Oktober fish tournament will kick off October first as always. More on that later. Organized by Ralph Jones and sponsored by local merchants, this is always a popular time for liars, er' fishermen and women to get together and trade stories about the monsters that somehow got away. (Each year the size tends to multiply.) For more on the derby, call Ralph at 208-683-2218.


Anonymous said...


The Bay Cafe is now closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Thanks to the Centennial Committee for the great activities all summer long!

Norma Jean

Anonymous said...

Nice seeing you yesterday!Look forward to talking too you soon!:)