Friday, April 30, 2010

Park Benches

I defend any one's right to petition for redress of wrongs, either real or imagined. Having said that, I also believe that one should choose their targets carefully. Niggling over every act that you disagree with is like the old tail of crying wolf. You spend your credibility recklessly by being in constant opposition to everything.

In a Bonner County Bee article, several Bayview residents were quoted as in favor of replacing a park bench near the public boat launch in Farragut State Park. Park officials have been on record as believing a bench in a high traffic area where boats are being launched is a recipe for a pedestrian accident. They have offered to place a new bench out of the high traffic area.

Some from our community have decided that this park bench caper is so important that they should do a sixties era sit-in. Some were quoted as officials from the Bayview Chamber of commerce, lending that reputation to this comical stunt. One can only wonder how many folks out there in newspaper land are spitting out their coffee laughing after reading of this vital world crisis.With our economy in the tank, unemployment high and behavioral issues out of control, that such a petty cause would engender such activism.

A few years ago, when Fish & Game decided to resurrect the world war two firing range for sport and suddenly declare it as an existing facility, the community rose up in rage for any number of reasons, including down range safety, and noise levels. A large core group formed at that time called C.A.R.E. that forced along with the cooperation of a local attorney. That was an issue that was worth fighting for. This one is not.


Anonymous said...

Finally, a voice of reason.

Sheryl said...

You sure wasted a lot of words for something that is so unimportant.

Technically this would be for something and you would be the one against something which would be a park bench.

Using the anti bench logic, we wouldn't have benches along city streets or in front of congested supermarket entrances or anywhere else there's people and traffic.

And there is no high traffic at that boat launch 90 % of the time, it's a figment of their imagination. The remaining 10% of the time, a bench does not interfere with traffic or create problems.

It's my opinion that this is about the park having control issues, and being a single minded bureaucracy.

As a good reporter, did you take time to interview the sources before you marginalized the actions of others?

Since when is the newspaper full of only vital worldly issues? Have you looked what is usually in the papers? Has your blog only covered vital worldly issues?

I'm shocked that such a so called petty cause would engender such a venomous
diatribe against me.

I agree this is stupid but it's the park that is being stupid by forgetting that they are public servants. The truth is there should be three benches down there, not just one.

Lastly, friend talk to friends.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you Herb, someone who is lucid.

Anonymous said...

I second that!

Anonymous said...

This bench thing is such as sham. What is this all about, is because someone was issued a ticket for not paying her fee?

Anonymous said...

When the park closes the road near Bayview that accesses the boat launch will you also cry much ado about nothing as long as it does not effect you. Many local people over the years have enjoyed the bench at the boat launch and are watching in horror as the park become less accessible to Bayview.

Bay Views said...

Does the last anonymous commenter have any evidence that the park is planning to close the road nearest Bayview, or are you just blowing steam?

Bay Views said...

Oh, and I reject that I was venomous against any individual. I simply think the subject is petty and that there are just causes that deserve your enthusiasm and support that are way more important. If, as one comment said, this is a vendetta against park personnel, which I personally doubt, it would be petty. As I recall, I only refered to the issue and didn't mention names. If you seeking publicity gave your name to the Press, then you indeed open up the debate to others. I published your remarks, primarily because we are friends, but as a neutral party, I also published the negative remarks. Remember when the firing range issue pops up again, who is on your side. As a non-aligned person, I will not always take anyone's side, always, automatically.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had the time to make such a stink over a "bench"! For crying out loud aren't there more important things to concentrate on???

Anonymous said...

This is a blog I didn't think you needed facts, just an opinion. The plan for a long time has been to make the East fee station one way out only, making Bayview residents drive all the way to the Headquarters to enter the park. Call MR. BUTT at the park and ask him.

Maybe the last post should look in the mirror. What is he wasting his obviously valuable time doing reading this stupidity rather than doing something useful.

Ric said...

WOW !!! All this hub bub over a park bench.......and only one person left their name.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning on going to the "sit in" on May 8th at 10AM and don't care about all this blog hub bub, it's not deterring me.

Cindy Post said...

After we get the bench I suggest we have a sit-in for something important, something where we can make a difference, like ending the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Then when we've accomplished that we can take on getting rid of nuclear weapons, then maybe we can march for clean energy. I guess you're right Herb, we shouldn't be wasting our efforts on something like a silly bench, especially one that was only in existence for 30 years. All those poor pedestrians who were run over and hit while sitting on the bench. I guess it's better to let the kids climb on the rocks and run around rather than sit on a crummy bench. And the infirm or "physically challenged" who just want to get onto their family's boat can just stnad around and wait while they launch it. I could go on and on and I proobably will, but not tonight. I now have to bring about world peace.

Bay Views said...

I spoke to Randall Butt this morning regarding some of the points made by commenters. He told me this: "The orginal request to replace the bench was sent up the line finally reaching the governor's office. A representative from that office visited the site and reviewed the criteria set by the park and the reuest by local citizens. The governor's office agreed with the park's decision." On the east entrance to the park, known as Locust Grove Road, he said, "we have no plans or projections for the future to close that road. That isn't to say that in ten or fifteen years, if the park is restructured, that it is a permanent guarantee, but it is not in any plans at this time."

Anonymous said...

Ric, the reason I don't leave my name is you can see by the comments to this blog, how the emotions over a bench issue have escalated to the level that see by some responders.
Can you imagine leaving your name and being pinned, in the little town of Bayview, as the person who crossed those who believe so strongly about this (or any subject)?
Comments to this blog:
Bayview seems to have an over abundance of personal involvement in every issue (yep, you'll hear that this is what a town should do) but from my viewpoint it is not to resolve an issue, it is to take a stand against something and dig your heals in.

How about problem solving instead of warring? I understand that the Parks Dept. has no problem with installing a new bench, but in a different location. I, for one, can't imagine letting this cause the anguish that is coming from those demanding that the bench be replaced, exactly where it was, or else.

If this were a town where there was the possibility of meeting in a round table session and discussing issues with the intention of a resolution and respecting the fact that you are meeting with your neighbors then the sun might shine on this little town.

As far as the bench “sit-in”, all I can say is PEACE!

Ric said...

So, you want to speak your mind and voice your opinion but you don't want people to know it's you?????? Make sence to me. I guess.

Anonymous said...

Painting a big red bullseye on my forehead is of no interest to me.

You are right - WOW! All the hub bub about a park bench.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I forgot what it's about - just like the last fight with my wife......
sign me, super anonymous

Bay Views said...

Thank you, Super anonymous for a good laugh. Perhaps this would be a good cap to the issue. But hey, if you all want to continue go for it.

I just wonder whether the militants here are taking into consideration the future issues that they may want community involvement with. If you marginalize the mainstream, you, yourself become marginalized. Just sayin'