Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buttonhook to Open Soon

The Buttonhook Inn Restaurant will open very soon, possibly this week-end, but for sure next. The lease is signed, we are looking for help in several areas and as soon as we are staffed, we'll be open. The Buttonhook for you that aren't familiar with Bayview is the finest restaurant for miles. It has enjoyed some ups and downs since Sandy Fiscus gave up the reins but that is about to change.

The menu while still featuring fine dining, will cover all price ranges with quality in every bite. It is possible that we may open the bar a week before we're ready to go in the kitchen. Stay tuned. Anyone that lives fairly close to Bayview that is interested in working there, should call me at 208-683-9107 or e-mail me at Be prepared to bring a resume or job application already filled out. As soon as a firm date is arrived at, I'll shout it out. As I said, we can probably open the bar a little quicker than the kitchen, which has to be restocked from scratch, a daunting chore. The name will be slightly changed. It will be, Rusty's Buttonhook Inn with all new people.


Anonymous said...

The Button Hook has never been any good since Bob Holland bought the place.

Anonymous said...


I for one look forward to having a place to go eat at night again. I am quite sure the food will be excellent!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the opening!

Anonymous said...

Who really owns the Hook? Who signed the lease and was it with Holland or Chan? Herb did you sign the lease and is this your business for the summer? Who has the liquor license? Holland, Chan, Herb or Rusty? How is the liquor license between the Patio and Hook linked or are they? I would like to know who I am supporting in the community. I would support the patio because Jeannie and Scott are running it and wish them business success in Bayview. I just want to be sure I am supporting a legal operating establishment that has correct ownership and licenses. Chan publicly announced that he owned the Hook last spring, but does he? No title in his name that I am aware of at this time.

Thank you and I hope you can answer some of these questions.

Inquiry Mind?????