Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Pumped

Well, my first big journalistic effort since the mail boat story was delayed a week due to an illness in my editor's family. It will definitely appear this coming Sunday. The first segment of my four part series on the birth of Bayview. Part one roughly (very) covers from about 1860 through 1910. Editing may change that, but anything cut from this segment will appear in the next. This, the pioneering days of Bayview. The second part will cover from that period to about 1940. The third will cover primarily the navy and the interaction of Bayview with the huge basic training base at Farragut. The fourth will cover the beginning of the post WW11 years up to the present.We will not attempt to editorialize about the recent years of development, but to put it in perspective, as a wonderful little town that finally got discovered by developers. Something that of course was a sorry end to the past and the beginning of an uncertain future.

* * * *

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