Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wine Tasting A Smash Hit

First photo, is Jan Larkin next to the official centennial flag. Jan is a great example of the heart and soul of Bayview.

Busy hostesses at the sign in desk: Jan Larkin, Kathy Ellis and Melinda Ely.

The third is a shot of the hors douvres being served.

The first big event planned for this the centennial year of Bayview, sponsored by the Bayview Centennial committee was held Saturday afternoon. Typically,
dick and Shirley Hansen made the B & B, Dromore, available for the event. Daughter, Cami Duclose,manager of the facility turned out a magnificent party. The real heros and predominently heroines of this bash were the tireless ladies and guys that put this all together. I don't have a list of all participants and surely I'll catch hell for missing some key people. Having said that, We can't leave out key folks like Tom & Jackie Lloyd, Melinda Ely,Linda Hackbarth, Kathy Ellis, Kathy Clark, Bonnie Hulstrand, Luarie Maurer, Jim Wilkuski Zak and many others made this whole event possible.

More than a year ago, plans began to form for the purpose of honoring Bayview's Centennial year, 2010. A number of summer long events are planned starting with this the first one. Over 70 guests were present to sample good but not expensive wines that were selected by the wine steward for Fred Meyer Stores.

Much, but not all of Bayview's finest were present wither as guests or of the sponsoring committee. Community leaders from far and wide, including some very interesting folks that away from their official duties, tend to have just as much fun as most of the rest of us, in spite of the images that are necessary to keep up. Those will go unmentioned. Please e-mail me with any corrections or additional names that I have missed.

Memorial Day week-end will host some additional events with a walking tour of Bayview's historical landmarks. A BBQ will be held at the Bayview Community Center as well, topped off by a dedication of the new Bayview centennial sign at the entrance to Bayview.

Above are some photos of the event.

For those that I informed that the first installment of my Spokesman-Review history of Bayview series would appear Sunday, April 18, I was unintentionally sandbagged. My editor assured me it would appear on that date, but a serious illness in the family apparently short-circuited the effort. Hopefully, we can straighten this out next week.

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