Thursday, July 07, 2005

For Men

I remember a friend from awhile back that contracted prostate cancer. The very first thing out of his mouth to me was, "Herb, get a PSA test".

Well, I'd like to say two things. First,and obviously, I would rather not have cancer. Secondly, I realize that it was probably caught in time to treat in several different ways. But the most important point of all, is because I am enrolled in the VA preventive medicine program, I have received a PSA test every six months for the last 2 or 3 years.

This, probably has saved my life...

Every day we read of prominent people, with lts of wealth, dying of prostate cancer. In almost all of those cases, it was diagnosed too late. And by the time sometimes appeared it had spread to the bones, at which time it is not treatable.

As to my attitude, I am just as upbeat as I always was, and am having a ball this Summer. This challenge is just another adventure on the path between birth and death. I am so very fortunate to have a great family, and great friends, here in Bayview, and perhaps beyond.

Please don't be afraid of talking to me about it. I'm not bothered, and will enjoy your interest...

I hope I don't become a single subject blogger that everyone ignores, but from time to time, I feel the need to share information that might just save one or two lives, and then you can thank me as I now thank Sam MacClay, the guy that told me of his problem, in time to find out about my own.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herb-

I appreciate your blogging on the subject and I will pass your wisdom on to the men in my life.
Thank You!

cdadave said...

Hiya, Herb...good to see you're still blogging. Haven't stopped by your blog for a while...sorry 'bout that...hope all is well, and you've got my support. I think you're really brave...........