Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Brother

I have an older brother. He is Stan Huseland; Author, PR guy, Journalist and Great guy...

Tomorrow, August 29, he and two Sons will hike down the Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch, thence back up to the South Rim.

He has always been goal oriented, (stubborn) and not withstanding the 125 degree temperatures, will undoubtedly triumph. I, however, will be looking for a softer spot on the couch, while reading another of my many novels.

I would not try to hike to the corner store at 125 degrees, let alone down the Grand Canyon, and back up. Using my television without a remote is an imposition.

This successful idiot brother of mine will succeed, of course, like he does at anything he sets out to do.

He will turn 70 years old this October.

I love yah, Guy...


Anonymous said...

I'm a Huseland

Anonymous said...

wondering if there's any relation, my great grandfather was from Norway and his name was Olaf.