Thursday, October 06, 2016

Hurricane Mathew

In all of my years watching hurricanes hit the east coast, they would always turn NE out into the mid-
Atlantic. For the first time in my memory, if ever, the storm track is predicted to bounce off the Carolinas, then turn 180 degrees and head back to the south where it would meet it's tail in the Florida Keys. They weather guessers are not talking about that and what effect it would have, but it is sure unusual.

My brother has a winter home in Tampa Bay. It is a park model in a rented space. If the storm track shifts a bit to the west, the Gulf Coast could get it, too.

Hurricanes are unpredictable. Kind of like a spoiled child on steroids. I hope those that think just because they weren't driven out in their lifetimes, they won't die in this one. According to the Weather Channel, the U.S. hasn't seen a category four since about 1898 hit the Florida coast. Good luck toe the ignorant ones that will not survive this time, and prayers for those who do the right thing and still succumb.

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