Monday, October 10, 2016


Today's weather forecast according to Accu-Weather is interesting. Tonight's low 29 degrees with a bit of snow. That is the local forecast for Bayview.

If in fact it does happen it will be the earliest I can remember. If squirrels are harbingers of a cold, snowy winter, the ground behind my home is covered with the waste left after these rodents finish off a pine cone.

Many people are predicting a snowy winter using every thing from Farmer's Almanac to how high bees nests are off the ground. Me, I'm a student of the law of averages. Been lucky for a couple of years? Then this will be the big one.   

We'll see.

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Word Tosser said...

an old packer for the forest dept.. many years told me.. if the bees are going into the ground.. it might be a hard winter.. but if the deer are having twins and triplets.. then you KNOW that it is going to be a hard cold winter..