Saturday, August 06, 2016


Has anyone but me noticed that Bonneville Power has stolen a full three inches of Lake Pend Oreille water all Summer?

Yes, they stopped filling the lake at 2062.32 instead of going to normal Summer level at 2062.5. These fractions are in tenths, which equates to a full three inches of surface water we didn't get this year.

One again, they are treating natural Lake Pend Oreille as a reservoir with which to do as they please.

Here is a link to the official level of the lake.



Unknown said...

Herb, I left a comment a few days ago and it didn't get to you. Pend Oreille Lake levels are controlled by Albeni Falls Dam. The dam is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers and it is this agency that determines lake levels. The BPA owns transmission lines that intertie into the NW Grid. The BPA are the deep pockets that pay for all the problems associated with the dams on the Snake and Columbia Rivers.

Bay Views said...

It was my impression that a couple of years ag a law suit on this issue was settled out of court with the Corps agreeing to maintaining 2062-5 as the summer level. They even state on their web site, what the normal summer level should be.In my 21 years in Bayview, I have never seen this level not reached in a normal summer.