Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pain Medications

That opiates or drugs derived from Opium are being abused, is a given. Still, in a throw the baby out with the bath water ruling, the Center for Disease Control has published guidelines for the prescribing of these drugs. Each state is a law unto itself in this matter, but all pain clinics and doctors are being urged to comply.

What we will get it this trend is realized, that in yet another bureaucratic move not approved by congress nor recommended by the president, is a massive crime wave where pharmacies will have to fort up and drug thefts will soar. Those unable to obtain pain medication from the black market, Writhing in pain, will send the suicide rate into orbit.

This is not the answer. Extreme measures will cause more damage than the currently addicted. In many cases, chronic pain that cannot be reversed would justify addiction as the lesser of two evils.


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