Thursday, September 15, 2016

WSU Football

Coach Leach has two problems. One, he solved by solidifying his relationship with his players. The second though, is by taking the word of his players that they are always innocent of felonious behavior he has alienated the community and fans across the state of Washington.

Football teams and it's players have several things in common. First the are usually large, aggressive and live on a social pedestal. Secondly, they hang together and support each other. On the field of play, this is normal and desirable. Out carousing late in the evening, that is not desirable at all.

Coach Leach, instead of lecturing his players about such things as behavior and curfews, consuming alcohol and or drugs as violations of their scholarships and team rules, he instead berates the police for "picking" on his players. The problem of charging players is that if one assaults  someone, five of his teammates say in unison, that isn't what happened.

Well, like much of the racial protesting, it is possible that there are more athletes causing trouble than those that are not, as in crime stats show minorities commit more crime than other races and that it is the police that are at the blame for incarcerating more minorities than their population percentages warrant.  There is a glaring parallel here.

To sum up, not only is coach Leach not leading a winning program, he isn't training his guys to be good citizens either. His tenure at Beer U is now very at risk. He no longer has the backing of the community or the alums.

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