Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Defining Deplorables according to the arrogant Hillary Clinton is any blue collar worker that is tired of elitists and fumbling bumbling politicians that accomplish nothing but running for public office.

Drug prices? tort reform? veterans suffering VA budget problems and bad management? All of these unfinished problems can be laid at the feet of the current administration and their policies, plus the congress, made up mostly of attorneys, that will not vote to fence in bad laws and worse lawyers.

In my adult lifetime, lawyers were not permitted to advertise. Now the airways are flooded with class action suits that attack every pharmaceutical product as soon as it hits the streets. We need more real people in public office. Doctors, businessmen,  yes and even laborers.

Many of us think that Hillary, Bill and other elitists are the real Deplorables. Please do not vote for a criminal that would be impeached leaving us with a no name VP as president.

If Trump turns out as his detractors say, we can get rid of him quickly, leaving us with a real qualified president, Governor Pence.

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