Tuesday, November 01, 2016

My Opinion

In recent events, along with the previous FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's misuse of official State Department communications, several things are coming together.

The odd way FBI Director, James Comey dismissed the allegations of misuse of classified material, choosing to characterize it as sloppy but not criminal is and was suspect.

Combined with the fact that our current Justice Department is the most politicized in my memory, suggests that James Comey was coerced into dropping the charges that could and should have been levied. A recent interview with a retired federal judge brought out the emphatic statement that intent is not an issue in laws pertaining to security matters.

That would make sense as to why he suddenly reopened the investigation. The controversy within the FBI faced Comey with a difficult choice.His reputation versus following the party line which obviously is pro-Clinton. He chose to go with his sense of integrity in what is a scandal of epic proportions, much that will come out only after the election.

The huge scandal though, is when Director Comey asked the Attorney General for permission to investigate the Clinton Foundation for corruption, he was turned down.

Whether one is a liberal or a conservative, our country should trump (no pun intended) partisanship in favor of integrity. Lacking that, I'd rather have another peanut farmer, than Hillary. She makes Slick Willy look like an angel.Clinton is right. There is a double standard, just not the one she spins. Justice and equal treatment under the law va blatant partisanship.

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Word Tosser said...

Teflon Bill, is now Teflon Hillary... nothing seems to stick to either of them..