Monday, November 14, 2016

Working Class

There are several labels that piss me off. One is working class. Like DFO goes to work most weeks, juggling news stories, controlling debate, answering his phone while trying to keep track of the day's activities via the police calls. He doesn't work? White collar office workers and government employees don't work, just because they wear ties?

All of these people are working class. They just don't work in industrial or construction trades, all honorable. Perhaps a term such as blue collar workers would be less pejorative.

Then there is the term, "Little People." How can one get more insulting than that?

I spent the majority of my career wearing a suit and tie, working in the mortgage lending field. Back when it was respectable with legitimate income/debt ratios which spelled out one's ability to pay.

I worked my butt off in that endeavor, taking on the responsibility of guiding borrowers into lending programs that were the best fit for them. I too, was a working man.

It is time that the working press, yes they work too, comes up with less insulting labels to describe the various people that exist in our classless society.

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