Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump 2016

I don't view this year's presidential election as an anomaly, but a serious long term polar shift in partisan politics.

It all started several years ago when the Democrat Party chose to abandon organized labor and switched to racial minorities. For years, labor had no advocates. Suddenly, they all rose up simultaneously, as a group. They chose to adopt or take over the GOP.

Following a somewhat billionaire redneck, these blue collar workers voted in the Republican primary for Trump. The only question was whether they would just  make noise, or would they, many for the first time ever, go to the polls and actually cast a vote.

Now we have a party that is distinctly divided into a new labor party, along side of so called Tea Party  conservatives. This could develop into several different scenarios. We could end up with three political parties very easily, which would leave the Dems in control.

What ever happens, it is going to be very interesting. So far the labor interests are just at the presidential level. but that could change, as the labor people flex their collective muscles.

Trump's selection of cabinet and judges will reveal a lot. He can make up his lack of experience with judicious choices for his cabinet. With congressional leaders distancing themselves in order to protect their majorities, relations with Trump could be strained at the very least.

One thing for sure, the next few months will not be boring.

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