Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Health Issues

I doubt that most of you care a rat's ass about my health issues, but the amazing thing is that at almost 79, I haven't any recent ones if you don't count the prostate cancer about 15 years ago that fortunately, since I have Veterans Administration health care, I was able to avoid surgery in favor of radiation. Something that would have cost about $35,000 if not paid for by the VA, and ruined many facets of my potential sexuality, not to mention the inevitable incontinence  that would have occurred later in life.

Not thinking I would look good wearing diapers, I chose the route to lesser less invasive treatment. One that would have permitted me to have a normal relationship with a woman. Alas, I forgot the important ingredient. The woman.

Up until last week, nothing noteworthy has happened. Then I found out about Kidney Stones. This is probably the only way you can legally get stoned in Idaho without visiting the county jail. I had a mild attack, fortunately passing some small ones.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I will trek over to Spokane for a CT scan to ascertain whether more rocks are lurking in my nether parts.

But when I consider my health against most of the people I know, I am blessed. I joke with my health provider that when I die it will be from nothing.

I was even fortunate to avoid, (so far) the big stones that cause one to writhe upon the floor in agony. Fortunately, there are treatments to destroy these rocks lurking in the shadows and the VA will provide the treatments that most people cannot afford.

Little did I know, when back in 1960, when I mustered out of the Air Force, that I, while serving at slave wages, would eventually become rich with VA health care.I am truly blessed by a system, while not always perfect, eventually gets it right.

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Searcher said...

Hope that everything turns out ok, Herb. Nice to hear someone have some nice things to say about VA Healthcare. It has gotten so much bad press in the last few years that I fear it is in jeopardy of being shut down by the in-coming administration. I thanked God for them every day when my dad was alive. The cost of his healthcare in the last years of his life would have bankrupted our entire family were it not for the VA. He had served in both WWII and Korea, so he was fortunate to have the full boat with VA medical services. It was truly a blessing. I hope our vets today are as fortunate tomorrow.