Saturday, December 10, 2016

Weather Convergence Zones

Today I am going to bitch out the U.S. Weather Bureau for inaccuracies as they regularly apply to Bayview and some extent, Athol. If you subscribe to Accuweather on line, you will notice time after time, a split in the storms.

These are caused by the storm hitting Mt. Spokane, splitting north and south and converging in the Silver Valley. Tonight, I watched Accuweather do it again, and incidentally they just repeat what the US Weather Bureau gives them.

The snow storm was supposed to hit Bayview around 7:00 pm. Then they kept backing it off, until it finally started about 8:40 pm. Switching to radar, sure enough the storm split and went north and south of us until finally the main body overwhelmed the mountain effect.

I am going to make every effort to educate the weather guessers to the reality that we have a mountain guarding our portals Wish me luck.

In the mean time, Monday the weather is predicted to turn very cold with night time temps in the single digits. Drip those faucets folks, since we are due to another several days of frigid weather. If the temps Sunday go above freezing as predicted, the powder on our roads will partially melt, and the refreeze making the Monday commute dicey. Be careful out there.

My caregiver, yes I have one now, went above the call of duty today and dug my car out. Way to go, Chrystal.

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