Tuesday, December 13, 2016

School Bus Seat Belts

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I am amazed that this is even an issue. Give it a huge Duh! If you are driving your children in the family car, you must secure them with seat belts and seat them in the back seats so they cannot be killed by air bag deployment. (Another thread for another day)

If parents are penalized by the authorities for failure to protect their children, why are school districts allowed to transport the kids in a lose peas in a pod grouping, where they can fly around the interior bouncing off other seats and worse when involved in an accident.

The horrible accident recently in Tennessee brought this discussion to a head and it needs to be addressed with safety as the rule, not cost. Are we to quantify the value of a child's life?

Recently, a mother and two children were involved in a serious accident. One child was injured, the other, thrown out of the car, died at the scene. The mother was charged with manslaughter. Why then, if she is guilty of a serious crime, are the schools not? Ironic? Yes! Double standard? Of course.

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