Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bayview Invaded

Bayview was invaded today. No, not by black helecopters from Canada, (they need passports now, you see) Not by philandering Cops, but by birds.

Big White headed Bald Eagles. As magnificent as they are though it sometimes pains me that our National symbol is a carrion eater. I guess that Turkey Buzzards were'nt National or sexy enough, but they have much the same diet. Roadkill tops the menu, but for December at the Lake. Then, their attention turns to dying, spawned out Kokanee, or Blueback as we locals call them.

These birds will hang around Bayview and environs until they have cleaned up every scrap of decaying fish, at which time we will run them off for having severe halatosis.

We invite those bird watchers to join us in celebrating the arrival of the Eagles, and your participation in "Happy Hour" which ohmygod, has already started without me. I'm outta here.


Bill McCrory said...


I've owned a house down on Cave Bay across from East point since 1980, but it wasn't until last summer that we saw bald eagles there. Lots of osprey, but no eagles until last summer. It's really a joy to sit out in the boat and watch them circle the lake. What beautiful birds.

Dogwalkmusings said...

If I felt better I'd be there in a New York minute for happy hour!

Glad to know there is somewhere new to go to watch the eagles soar! May even be some owls to hoot with at night, eh?