Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Microsoft Sucks

Lest any of you think I have a fixation on sucking, let me explain. I have been denied access to posting on this blog for two days. The reason?

I routinely downloaded an update from Microsoft from Internet Explorer version 6, to 7. This is called a "Beta" version. Every 20 minutes or so, the program would become unresponsive.

I have been very critical of Time-Warner recently, but I got help through one of their contractors that provide tech support. We finally decided to delete version 7.

That worked fine, except in the process, I could no longer access the blog. Yesterday, Bill McCrory spent a huge amount of time patiently trying to lead me to the promised land. We finally gave up. Today, another fine fellow, Backwoods Bob, who is a computer engineer, came to the rescue.

It turns out the "Beta" means experimental. Bob was able to go into Microsoft Support and discover that their "Anti-Phishing" program has flaws that is causing service interruptions. We deleted that, tweaked version seven and all is fine today.

The Wordslinger from Ontario,Canada in Tech Support, Bill McCrory, and Backwoods Bob are the most patient I've ever known. Try talking out a problem with a mostly deaf person, and I'll guarantee most people would give up in disgust. Thank you all.

Now I can go back to muckraking and expounding unsolicited opinions.


Bill McCrory said...


I noticed when I tried to log in to post on my blog today it was rejecting me as well. Part of the problem was that in the past few days, Google has been dropping the "Beta" from One of the reasons I may have been able to login in as "Herb" on your dashboard is that I never activated Internet Explorer 7's anti-phishing feature. That's consistent with what Bob told you. Glad to see you're once again able to muckrake and expound unsolicited opinions!

tsykoduk said...

You might want to switch to Firefox. It's a much much better browser, as well as being more secure, faster, and making you 27.3% more attractive to your chosen species.