Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gerald Ford...RIP

I honestly never liked Jerry Ford. He, through his caretaker role as president, let his ego rule him, and caused the Reagan era a delay that was critical, insofar as it allowed Jimmy Carter into the Presidency, and the decimation of our armed forces.

Yet he was an honest man...A principled man. He actually thought he could win the election that he lost to perhaps the biggest loser that we ever had as a president.

I go to bed tonight, with these mixed feelings. Having said all this, however, rest in peace, Mr President. Unlike others, you never shamed the office.

History will undoubtedly treat you better than we will.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Do you really think Carter was a bigger loser than Bush?

Bay Views said...

Yes, by my definition, "ineffective."

Johnson, Nixon, Bush,Jr. all have been effective, but poor decision makers. effective and bad as terms are mutually exclusive. "Bad" brings partisan opinions to bear, which will be the root cause of most difference of opinion.