Thursday, December 14, 2006

Time-Warner Sucks

Time-Warner Cable appears to be headed for self-destruction in a big way. Since they took over Adelphia, here in North Idaho, we've had nothing but problems. Within the first few weeks we had service interuptions that lasted from hours, to days.

Now, in a dispute with the local Fox outlet, we will lose fox, and possibly Fox Sports Network if they don't come to agreement before Midnight tonight.

The current dispute is over whether Time-Warner should pay KAYU, a UHF station, and Fox outlet for Spokane, Washington and surrounding areas.

Both sides actually have made gross misrepresentations while stating their positions. KAYU is a UHF station with very limited broadxcast radius. With cable, their advertisers get a huge boost in viewership which should and does make more money for the station.

Time-Warner, has dug their heels in over this issue, claiming that the station is viewable by antenna, ignoring the fact that direct broadcast is very limited. T/W is on the eve of losing Fox, and the resulting loss of NFC football coverage after today. This would take the coverage of our regional team, the Seahawks, and Mariners away.

In the opinion of Bayviews, these entities need Babysitters, not Litigators.

The giant sucking sound you will hear tomorrow, across our area, will be the telephone overload, as disgruntled Seahawk fans rush to order either DISH or Direct TV...


stebbijo said...

I know it sucks, but it's all we have. It is a giant sucking sound and I can hear it all the way from Lake Pend Orielle. I have an antenna - I could not live without American Idol. However, I understand the very ugly delemma you all have now. I just need a bigger TV - thats my delemma. ;-)

I will NOT - I repeat - I will NOT ever pay for TV.

Bill McCrory said...

Time Warner believes over-the-air broadcasts are receivable in the "Black RF Hole of Bayview?" Give me a break. Bayview could get hit by a thermonuclear blast and it would take ten days for the rest of the world to learn about it.

But alas, here in the City of Expedience (Coeur d'Alene), the City Council will reliably, predictably, and profitably renew TWC's monopolistic hold on the City. After all, the City of Expedience collects a tidy franchise fee (that's Idaho bureaucratese for shakedown money) from every TWC customer.

Bay Views said...

Actually, Bill, should Bayview be hit by a thermonuclear bomb, the world will hear about it from "Bay Views", always there with the news of the day...