Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Comprehensive Plan

The Kootenai County Planning Department has held out an olive branch to those that oppose growth. This doesn't mean that growth won't happen, it just means that we are being asked for our opinions as to how to control it.

I applaud the Department for it's forward thinking idea of "Meetings in a box."

This is an informal way of collecting opinions from many different sources. I was honored to be selected by the staff, to conduct, host, and produce the results of such a gathering, consisting, but by no means eliminating others, bloggers. It amazes me that someone from the County would think that we bloggers are opinionated, but there it is...bloggers throughout the County that have opinions are invited to attend.

This is not a substitution for the blogfest earlier announced. That will occur in late September or early October. The purpose of this exercise is vital. It will form the master growth plan that we will have to live with for years. Done right, we shouldn't have to deal with a flurry of conditional use permits, or exceptions, as is now the norm...

Since this is a business meeting, I will attempt to hold it in Coeur d' Alene, date and time to be announced. The meeting must be held before September 29, as that is the deadline for comments. I need RSVP from those that are interested in attending. Please direct these to me at:

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