Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dog Days of Summer

There is a mystery about August. One day, people are swarming into the resort areas like ours, the next day they are gone. The weather is great...Maybe the greatest week-end weather we have had in memory.

Is it the cool nights that have descended upon us? The shopping trips for school clothes/supplies? Who knows. All I know, is that the seasonal heat has disappeared, the nights are cool again, and my tomatoes are ripening a month earlier than usual.

That brings us to another subject. Tomatoes. I have raised tomatoes as a religion for many years, both on the coast, and here. This year, with slightly modified methods, and great weather, I hit the jackpot. I have ripening tomatoes. Big ones. Blossom -end rot is still a problem, but not as bad as previous years. If I could find a place to buy calcium foliage spray, I would win that battle.

Labor day week-end is almost upon us. I've worked hard this Summer, which was good for me. Dropped from 200 pounds to a svelte 179. Anyone of you that knew me in my youth would wonder where I put 200 pounds. I do too. Hopefully I will keep it off.

I am still contemplating a blogfest, probably one or two weeks after Labor day, but need to consult DFO before setting a firm date.