Friday, November 17, 2006

From Under The Rocks

Well, It's started, and even before the newly elected Congress is seated. It would appear that the far left and moderate wings of the Democratic party are already in full battle for party control.

In an unbelievable attack, Robert Scheer, from the ultra-left, is attacking the Dems for not supporting the Pelosi choice for Majority Leader of the house. Disregarding both the overwhelming vote for Hoyer, and reality, he hacked away with generalities, slogans, vitriol and essentially, threw down the liberal gauntlet, declaring the war for control to be on.

My take on this new war, is that more casualties will ensue from this internal dispute than our "Occupation" of Iraq. I use the term occupation, since "War" denotes uniformed official troops fighting on the battlefield.

All this, before these newly elected leaders have even taken their seats. As I read the editorial page of our Spokesman-Review, it occured to me that the Republican Party has to do nothing. Attack nothing. Let the Democrats self-destruct. They don't need any help...


Dogwalkmusings said...

Right on, Herb.

My theory is if we change the party in charge of at least one house of Congress every two years we'll get some semblence of balance and eventually they'll have to work together to get anything done.


Thom said...

>it occured to me that the Republican Party has to do nothing. Attack nothing. Let the Democrats self-destruct.

Herb, were you one of the folks who pounded the Dem's for using that strategy during this last election cycle? Basically what you are saying is that the Republicans don't need a plan? that's good because they don't have a plan!
(can I still get some 'tater salad?)

Herb said...

No you can't Thom...You have as usual surmised something that didn't take place. I didn't sound off as you have asserted.

I'm really tired of normally intelligent people, going off their rockers emotionally about politics. I'm Probably the most well balaced Republican that you will ever meet.

Please do not attribute stuff you have heard elsewhere to me. It demeans me, and it demeans you, most of all.

I am not of the flamethrower bunch, and this is as much as I want to say on this subject.

For those that want to be childish, go for it. I can tune you out...

No, I wasn't one of those, and you know it. You just don't know when to quit...

Thom said...

Herb, my apologies. I hadn't intended to offend.

green libertarian said...

In the big scheme of things, whatever Scheer says doesn't mean much. The fight over majority leader is normal political wrangling upon change of party power.

Interestingly enough, over-all, Murtha is more conservative than Hoyer. Hoyer and Pelosi have been rivals in the past. Oh well, the Dem caucus voted in Hoyer, showing that they don't kow-tow to Pelosi. And so it goes.