Friday, November 03, 2006

Sheriff Deputy Shamed

In new developments, Bayviews has learned that the sexual adventure featuring an unnamed deputy and an unnamed partner have some interesting features.

First, it is unclear whether the partner was a victim of rape through intimidation, or willing. Secondly, it happened here in Bayview.

State Police investigators have been prowling the local businesses, taking statements from involved witnesses. We will bring you more, as information develops.

We are unwilling, at this time to speculate too freely about this, as a possible victim should be able to keep their identity secret.

Bayviews has learned, however that the Deputy was known to this person. It was also learned that they went to high school together.

Apparently, this Officer, whose beat did not include Bayview, met the woman outside the bar to give her a ride home. What happened after that is pure conjecture.


Bill McCrory said...


We got back from the lake late Thursday and got your voicemail. Sorry we didn't get back to you, but it was long after 3:30.

Good report on the deputy. Boy, have I got a lot of questions that someone in the SD ought to answer. Questions like: How does a deputy get that far out of his assigned patrol area without his sergeant or other field supervisor knowing about it? During his absence, did he answer any radio calls or otherwise make any fictitious radio transmissions? Why is the Idaho State Police once again investigating a member of the KCSD? And of course the biggie: Who is the deputy? Is it a name we'd recognize from previous news reports? Yeah, lots of questions.

Don Christy said...

thanks for keeping us snowbirds up to date.

Herb said...

Don...If you recieve this, please e-mail me your cell phone, or that of your friend.