Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Aftermath

Democracy spoke loudly yesterday. Many issues were out front from corruption to the occupation of Iraq.

It does not surprise me that the Republican Party lost both houses of Congress. It would, however surprise me if the Democrats prevailed two years from now.

I believe that the overturning of the Bush doctrine was President Bush's own fault. Once he formed an opinion or direction regarding most of his policies, he became rigid in support of them. Perhaps he felt secure with control of both houses of Congress. Many mistakes, including the disbanding of the Iraqi Army, and many other miscues that showed poor planning, became evident as events played out.

Our political parties and their supporters have become so polarized that the vast majority of middle America can no longer identify with either the radical left, or the radical right. Bottom line, most Americans are not radical. Only during the nomination process does the radical element rule, leaving us with the choice of one radical or the other.

What happened yesterday should be a wake-up call to both parties. "Your success depends on the people that hired you.

In perusing the comments tonight, I ran across a comment from a person that I had previously respected, although he was of the opposite political persuasion.

In one sentence, he lost all of my respect, because he chose the low road in commenting about the personal life of a winning candidate that he was opposed to.

Crapping on our fellow men/Women doesn't add anything to our lives. It just shows how shallow we can be...

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So true.