Saturday, May 27, 2006

Huckleberries Banned

Save Huckleberries!

While it is no longer a secret that Kootenai County computers have locked out the Spokesman-Review blogs, and more specifically, "Huckleberries on line", Bay Views has a solution.

For you frustrated county employees. Just comment on Bay Views. HBO will pick up the comments and anonymously repeat them. If I'm blocked, check the blogroll, and just rotate through them. At some point, they'll get tired of looking ridiculous.


stebbijo said...

Yep - I feel as 'bloggers' -- if we are truely united as a force to be reckoned with, we need to ask for answers. I will continue to do so -- on Tuesday. Hopefully we all make that phone call. This ban of HBO is ridiculous. If the county were a 'private' entity - would not be quite so controversial. But, obviously this has gone over the top ....

StibitzRK said...

Dave Olivera is a Founding Member of the Inland Northwest Bloggers' Association.

The Spokesman Review has been great at helping promote blogging and free speech in the area.

Kootenai County might want to run and close their doors hiding like an Ostrich with it's head stuck in the sand, but that doesn't mean that bloggers or Huckleberries will go away.

Maybe we can all post black ribbons on our sites in protest, as well as, make the phone calls... not just to Kootenai County, but to the news as well.

As a voting citizen of Kootenai County, I demand informed County employees who can and do stay abreast of the news. No better way in my opinion than to read Huckleberries and the other blogs.

stebbijo said...

I think a purple ribbon is appropriate ... yep.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Good job Herb. We're treading on freedom of speech and governmental censorship here. Dangerous territory for government in a community of active bloggers (read Speech!)

green libertarian said...

Heh heh! That's a great idea, Herb, being a relay for County employees to HBO. Altho I really expect the County Commissioners will realize the shit storm they've created and back off. Heck I might even go over to their next public meeting and give 'em a piece of my mind presuming they have a public comment forum, like Spokane does.

Really great meeting you yesterday, shooting the bull for hours, and pounding some brews. Hope I can get back over there again soon. When there's your fresh potato salad!