Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Screaming Egos vs Civil Discourse

Probably the biggest hit that blogging takes, is over the bad behavior of many bloggers and those who don't blog, but are permitted to comment. "Blurkers." Recently, I dropped out of a local "Chat Room", for those reasons. When the inmates take over the asylum and name calling, sarcasm and vitriol take over, egos win, the well behaved leave.

The reason I am writing about this today, is that I saw a letter to the editor which, on an unrelated subject, said, "Don't patronize me. That proposal is insulting and condescending, and clearly reflects their pompous mentality."

When I saw that, I clearly realized why I became so upset at the blurkers that didn't feel it was necessary to behave, or the moderator that became condescending.

When I criticized the poor behavior, I was attacked as being old, and out of date with reality. I was being patronized. It was the acts of marginalization that was the more upsetting.

That one could be attacked for trying to uphold standards of good behavior and civil discourse, in favor of those that were the worst malefactors, then essentially told, don't let the door hit you in the ass.

The door didn't, and I am Bayview Herb. Old, out-of-date with reality, and firmly satisfied with the position I have taken.


Word Tosser said...

I am with you, kid...that is one thing I noticed after it got started for a while... and they (UB, AM, Dg,GL and the rest) in their sense of humor (?) it gets nasty... and it is ok. Don't get it. One can make a point and still be civil. I have noticed over the years that those who do the put down, don't seem to know how to react to others. So it is better to smash the person personda (where is spell check when you need it) than to get your point across. No defense, then attack.
But life has come around to that. You walk in a store, and you hear the language. Language that was left for backyards and garages.
I find life is too short, to deal with negative. Postive is the route I chose.

stebbijo said...

Condescending is closely aligned with patronizing hehavior. It is an art, some folks have it down. Do they know they are belittling a person? Probably. I cannot stand patronizing medical people. Like - who are they? Have they ever had a bad cold? Are they friggin' perfect? To this day - the only person that can call me 'Honey' and feed me full of bull without me rolling my eyes is my husband.

jb3ll3 said...

Herb, HBO is poorer without you. Who will model the behavior and show the way? You gotta come back. You have many friends there who miss you. That's whats important!

Bill McCrory said...


I have to agree with you. It's really gotten unnecessarily raw over there. Unfortunately, it's become more regular and less occasional. Occasional is tolerable, regular is not. I read regularly but post less over there now, even though I was never dominated and demonated by the "regulars". But it's unpleasant to read a lot of the stuff being posted.

cmac said...

You are right Herb ... the condescending bickering should be taken to the sandlot after school hours ... I wonder how these folks have time to sit around all day and fire their flaming salvos day after day. What a waste of a nice spring day.