Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Breaking News

Bill & Lisa McCrory were seen yesterday in Bayview. It seems they were checking out the salad bar at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant. Braving the twists and turns of our famous "Goat Trail", otherwise known as US 95, they risked life and limb to catch a glimpse of Herb's Salad Bar Groupies, but alas, they were missing.

It is not known whether the McCrorys survived this trip. The drive, certainly not the gourmet meal they experienced. Nevertheless, these brave people deserve the admiration of us all, as they took huge chances, hoping that Bayview Herb's salad bar was all it was advertised to be.

That none other of our loyal readers dared to be great, (sorry, borrowed that from some other scam)to be the first to experience the modest greatness of Chef Herb, is to be expected, after all, we all know that Bill was trained to throw his body in front of a bullet, if his president was threatened. This act, coming to Bayview, of course, held similar risks.

We await further developments, breathlessly.


Toni said...

Great picture on the top on your blog. Very nice...Did Stebbijo take it?

jb3ll3 said...


I sure wish I had a salad from Chef Herb's salad bar right now. sigh.

Bill McCrory said...

We not only survived, we enjoyed the dinner very much. The halibut was outstanding! Of course, the high point of the dinner was the visit to the salad bar. Herb was right; the potato salad was very, very good. We'll drive back to Bayview to eat good food rather than go to downtown Coeur d'Alene with its inflated prices for meals striving to achieve mediocrity.

stebbijo said...

Yep -- we are going to make a point of eating there as well in the very near future. Maybe take the folks with us. They will be migrating North soon and have not had a taste of Bayview yet. We need to give them a little Herb!

Phil said...

I'll be making a trek to the Holy Shrine of Herb's Salad Bar sometime in the next month. The kids love salad bars!

I just hope your bacon bits aren't crunchy. That would be very bad. Very bad, indeed.

Bay Views said...

Note to the kitchen: Watch the bacon bits.