Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bayview Survives

As dusk lowers over Bayview, this Sunday night, not a sound is heard. Perhaps the ripple of a fish rising in the bay. A dog barks. Someone kicks the dog. A robin sings it's evening song. All is quiet.

The Annuals have left. Bleary eyed, and shaken, the Annuals, a group of men that have been coming to Bayview for 23 years, or more, showed up with three generations of revelers This week end. It was fun. These guys come from all walks of life. From heavy equipment operators, to doctors, lawyers and such.

They congregated at the Wheel, where the lawn party began, Friday night. By Saturday night, I'm sure some were wishing they were back home, where sleep was normal, and the garden needed weeding. But, no, this group of stalwart fellows, are fearless.

When I left the festivities, I can only say this. Wives and sweethearts can breath freely. These guys were way too plowed to get into trouble. Hopefully, they all got home safely. We look forward to the Annuals invasion next year.

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