Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mexican Take Back

Recently much has been written about Mexicans taking back the Southwest. It ain't gonna happen. First if the Mexicans wanted to be a part of their backward country, they would stay there, not immigrate to the United States, legally or otherwise.

Let's start with Texas. When Santa Ana attacked at the Alamo, 50 or so of the Mexicans fighting that day, were behind the walls, defending the Alamo with their fellow Texans. What is overlooked, is that the vast majority of the Texans fighting for liberty were Mexicans.

The Californians were mostly Mexicans as well. True, the influx of Anglos were apparent, and of course, the gold rush that came later provided more emigrants from the States. The facts, however, were that Mexico ruled California from afar, with appointed Governors that didn't represent the people. Mexico City was a huge distance from the Californios, who suffered under the tyranny of the Mexican dictators.

California was given to the United States by the people that lived there. The streets of Los Angeles are, for the most part, named after influential Mexicans such as Alvarado, and many other wealthy Mexican merchants and landholders.

Communities such as Irvine, and others are still owned by the descendants of the Grandees that held Spanish land grants. Land grants that were honored by our government when California petitioned for entrance to the U.S.

The Gadsden Purchase was worked out amicably between governments, so as to connect the Texans to the Californians, adding southern Arizona and Southern New Mexico, which was under Apache control, not Mexico's. We paid 15 Million for it.

No, we won't loose it back for the same reasons that we got it in the first place. The residents chose to be in this country. Other so called historians have altered the facts for political purposes. Most legal citizens and residents of Mexican descent don't want uncontrolled immigration either.


stebbijo said...

I swear I am going to write an entire post in Spanish just so folks get the idea that I am getting tired of speaking English -maybe then I will get somewhere, but that is another issue.

Nice history lesson, Herb.

jb3ll3 said...

Wonderful new masthead. When are you coming back to HBO?

Ifit Itches said...

Just about every "May 5th", I wonder what kind of response would be had if thousands of Americans lined up at the U.S./Mexican border and ran into Mexico?

Maybe we could all go down there to celebrate the "4th of July."

I'm not one to advocate boycotts, but maybe Americans could show Mexico what boycotts are all about.

That does it... No more Mexican beer for me! LOL