Monday, June 26, 2006

Bachelors Rebel

The recent ad for single ladies, seen in the Nickle's Worth has everyone talking here in Bayview, Idaho. Mostly it's the female population that is all agog with curiosity.

The burning question of the day is, "who placed the ad, and who are the Batchelors of Bayview. As to the author, I am sworn to secrecy. I might possibly be a spokesperson for the group, except we never have meetings, don't have a clear idea of who is one, and don't have officers to appoint a spokesperson.

In the eleven years I have lived here, many conversations have hinged on the lack of single adult women here in Bayview. It seems that the choice is, move to Bayview and remain without a partner, or stay in town where they hang out. We like it here in Paradise. We go without. Now, with this grass roots rebellion, it is clear that at least some bachelors are unwilling to have this continue.

The core group seems to hang out at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant, but they can be found all over town, from well off business people, to blue collar workers, and of course we single retirees.

The new motto it seems is, "We are damn mad and we aren't going to take it anymore."


mothereagleathol said...

I have to be honest the ad
looking for some single women to come keep ya'all company caught my attention. Unfortunately for the Bachelors of Bayview who seem to hang out at the Captains Wheel I don't do the bar scene. I do however frequent Bayview to swim, hike and geocache. I think ya'all should march in the parade so I can have a look at what I might be missing!

Bay Views said...

Alas...I will be the 1st st road guard. The parade starts at 3rd. Bottom line, no one will see me. I am posted there, because that's where the cars are stopped, and someone had to be there to take the abuse.

The Captain's Wheel is a reataurant. They serve Iced Tea, and many other non-alcohholic beverages. I will be serving at the burger bar, outsie the restaurant. Stop by and say hello.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Ask for the guy who's famous for his the potato salad!

Bay Views said...

Mothereagleathol...Boy is that a long name.

I don't know whether I am more moral, or you. That you choose to not hang out in bars is probably good.

I can only hope that we have an opportunity to visit. Thank you for responding...