Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bachelors of Bayview

Today's issue of the Nickle's Worth, included a rather different plea than the ordinary ad.

In today's issue, a plea for single ladies, rang out over the land. It seems that where we have many very fine ladies that come up to this spa on the lake, most are unfortunately accompanied by a male partner.

The anonymous author of this ad cries out for all of the ladies, that feel left out, neglected, or otherwise ignored. We want you right here in Bayview.

With the upcoming Bayview Daze celebration prior to the fourth happening the weekend of the 1st, it is apparent that the Bayview Batchelors are tired of being ignored. In a recent interview, one such replied, "sure were Rednecks, but were friendly."

My view of this whole affair, is that the adventuresome, fun-loving ladies, just don't know we are here.

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