Saturday, September 09, 2006

Making Waves

I met two wonderful Ladies this afternoon. They had just met, after 61 years of separation. You see, not all of the sailors at Farragut Naval Traning Base were Guys.

Phoebe DeGree of Bend Oregon, and Donna Lee of Portland, Oregon came to their first, and probably last reunion of Naval Personnel that trained here during the forties.

It turns out that they were bunkmates during 1944-45. Both were clerical Waves, serving the permanent party, or as they were known, "Ship's Company".

Donna had the upper bunk, Phoebe the lower. Fast friends for the last two years of the war, they separated to go their various ways. Phoebe married a sailor from the base. Both widowed now, they were charming company for an hour or so before it was time for them to leave. You see, they were both going out dancing at the Athol American Legion Post.

Oh, if I could only keep up with the likes of them.

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