Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Meetings & Stuff

Busy day for me today. I ventured into the big city. Coeur d'Alene. Got a haircut, caught the hearing at the Courthouse between plaintiff C.A.R.E., which is a large citizen's group in and around Bayview, vs: defendants, Idaho Fish & Game.

The issue was a summary judgment barring development of the WW11 rifle training range into a world class range, where hundreds of sportsmen attend competitions, and the addition of a skeet/trap shooting range, all on property deeded to the state for the purpose of wildlife enhancement. It failed.

The true issue seems to be who runs out of funds first, the State, or the volunteers from Bayview...Duh!

After picking up Chinese over on 4th St, I met with our group of bloggers at the Kootenai County Courthouse, where we held a "Meeting in a Box. Dan English provided the meeting room. I'm convinced that he attended just to make sure we returned the pens in the kit.

I got to meet two other guys that are very interesting, and well informed. Thom George, and Mike Kennedy. Bill & Lisa McCrory also attended. Onward to Athol, where I croaked out two or three tunes at a Karaoke session, thence home.

These days off are going to kill me yet. Don't forget the Blogfest this Saturday, at 2:00 PM at the Captain;s Wheel in Bayview. Some new and interesting folks plan to be there. You plan on it too.


Bill McCrory said...


Thanks for putting together last night's Meeting in a Box. Lisa and I both learned from listening to the others who were there.

Bill & Lisa

stebbijo said...

Sorry we could not make it.

Bob was so sick even work sent him home. Plan on making blogfest even if we are late.

Bob and Joanne

jb3ll3 said...

Sounds like you all had a good go of it; bet the Herbfest is great, too.

CynM said...

Sorry I couldn't make Blogfest. Anxiously awaiting details! *foot tap tap tapping ;-)