Monday, October 03, 2005

The Spokesman-Review

I've been musing about my blog, and blogging in general lately. Most of the inspiration for my stuff comes from articles and editorials in the S/R. Not only that, but Dave Oliveria of, started most of us in this area, inspired us, then taught us how. When we actually do something interesting, he features it in his, the master of blogs. I wanted to take time out here to say thank you.

Sunday's paper was not an exception. The most hilarious piece was where the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has authorized the killing of an entire pack of re-introduced wolves. You know, the ones that are highly protected? Heavy fines for killing them? Well it turns out that these wolves are killing cows.

Duh!! It has become clear that what is lacking in the protection program is classes on English, the written language. If we had only the foresight to write "COW" on both sides of our livestock, we could, after teaching the wolves how to read, solve the problem.

Or maybe what we need here is a wolf class on discipline. You know, hey wolfy, deer and elk or O.K. but stay away from out cows and sheep! If a wild animal is given the choice between a Rib-eye steak or hamburger it will probably not be able to make the distinction between the right and wrong of it.

If we are going to re-introduce predator species that have disappeared from our forests, we have to first remember why they disappeared. We killed them because we couldn't co-exist with them. The wolves and Grizzlies killed livestock and folks back then. It was war. Survival. Now, we have environmentalists living in places like San Francisco in high rise apartments telling us what is good for the wilderness.

Have you noticed they don't ask us here in North Idaho our opinion? I invite these enviro-nazis to take up hiking and camping...Say on and around Bernard Peak here on the South end of Lake Pend Oreille. (pronounced pond oray) We have a resident Grizzly Bear for you to play with. Invite him to lunch! Or be lunch!

Be our guests. We'd love to have you.


stebbijo said...

Well, you wear bells around your neck to scare off the Grizzlies, don't you Herb? ;-)

jeanne said...

Is there really a resident grizzly bear near Bernard Peak? You are kidding, aren't you?

Bay Views said...

No, I'm not kidding. It has been spotted chasing goats, (unsuccessfuly) all the way down to the water line. I'm told that Fish & Game is fully aware of this. Of course that wouldn't necessarily follow that the unwashed public would be informed.

I have an eye witness...

Word Tosser said...

Last year the King saw a lot of signs of Grizzlies... scratches down the trees and post that started at 6 and 7 feet high.. That was upper Clark Fork, and up by the Canadian border. The King and his brother went down and got a hunter that they saw a Grizzlie following, because he was eating a sandwich.
They told the Fish and Game, and he said "you are mistaken, there aren't that many around." "you just don't know the signs as well as I do.." He got laughed out of the store in Bonner's Ferry. But this is true, after all, Herb, the Fish and Game would never lie to us.. do you think?