Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Editorials, plus and minus

I read each and every editorial in our hometown Spokesman-Review. Most are pushing extreme positions, and almost always are they politically correct.

Well, once in a while a real good one comes along. One did last Sunday. In an editorial that started out about Roberts and the Supreme Court, Andres Martinez of the Los Angeles Times hit a grand-slam.

When asked in hearings whether he would favor the "little guy or the big guy", Roberts replied, who ever is right...

Andres went on to explore the whole subject. He pointed out that targets that are unpopular, such as Tobacco Companies,Accounting Companies and such. Following Enron and other large corruption cases, the Feds went after the accountants. Smoking is more and more unpopular, so burn the companies that make them by using RICO, which is obviously not designed for this.

On the other hand, the Agriculture Department is subsidizing the tobacco growers.
Andres points out that while it is popular to go after unpopular industries, (Big Oil) because voters like that, it's bad law...

I like a guy that swims against the current and tells it like it is!

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