Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pearl Harbor

I have witnessed three sneak attacks during my lifetime.

The first, when I was only three years old, was Pearl Harbor, the sneak attack by the Japanese. More than two thousand Naval and Military personnel were killed during that attack.

The second, was the attack on civilians by Moslems. Unable to form effective armies, Arab extremists (read the Koran encouraged) resort to terrorism. The attack on the World Trade Center killed 2726 innocent people.

The third, is on going. It is the attack on the current administration by left wing radicals, including,it seems the majority of the written press. While liberating two countries, Afghanistan and Iraq, bringing a new life to the Kurds, we have lost a total of 2139 lives.

Put into perspective, we lost 386,744 Military and Naval lives in World War two.

We lost 54,246 to death in Korea.

Vietnam deaths totaled 58,152.

All of these deaths were severe blows to the families affected. Still, American Patriots flocked to the banner of freedom...

I can't minimize the 2139 casualties in Iraq. All deaths are a tragedy. What I am attempting to do here is put this all into perspective.

Have we lost the will to defend freedom, or is it just that our media bends the news to reflect their own prejudices.

I am getting old, and maybe it's time. I don't like the direction this country of opportunity is taking. It has always been a statistical certainty that sooner or later the have not's, and underachievers would become the majority, and change this Country irretrevably to something that will resemble the decline of Rome.

I am saddened deeply.


Word Tosser said...

me too

stebbijo said...

Herb -- you live in Bayview! It can't get much better than that!