Thursday, October 20, 2005

Random Thoughts

I am blessed. So many of you have sent me warm fuzzies, that I'm pressed to wonder why I didn't think of getting cancer sooner. You're all great.

I do, however have one disappointment to share with you...In accessing Cis's blog, there before my eyes, mocking me was her stats.

No! No! Not those kind of stats...I learned that she has 16 Grandchildren. That ties her with me, although, heh! heh! I have THREE Great-grandchildren. On the other hand, I've never been a Mother.

I'm finding that other than I can't stray more than, say, 30 feet from the nearest restroom, the after effects, so far, have been negligible. I still see the Sun come up, read good books, visit with my friends on-line, and rant.

That reminds me. Since DFO has become a recovering flame-thrower, someone has to take up the slack. Finding nobody more qualified, I have nominated myself.

If one considers, where else can you find unassailable opinions that are right on almost always...Well, sometimes...Would you believe once in awhile!

As we float innocently toward the week-end, I will discover some nefarious plot against mankind to expose. Until then...Adios, my friends.


Word Tosser said...

You may not be a mother, but you are a
and that is pretty great, I think

stebbijo said...

I love plots -- conspiracies and the like! You dig it up Herb -- find out what the Navy is really doing in Bayview!!

Then I will use my powers (I have the pychic spy handbook) and we will uncover it -- whatever the plot is!