Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Supreme Court

Many people that I meet in my daily life, when asked about their opinion regarding Harriet Miers appointment to the Supreme Court simply don't care. They either shrug their shoulders, saying "it doesn't have anything to do with me," or think it's some Mo-town music thing.

They are wrong. What happens in the next few weeks may effect everyone in very material ways. The next Justice appointed and confirmed will possibly bring about the largest swing in the high court since the ill begotten appointment of Earl Warren.

For several years now, the left wing feminist movement has held on to the "right" of abortion as a given. It hasn't always been that way. Prior the the activist Warren Court, abortion was illegal everywhere in this country. In my opinion, with perhaps a couple exceptions, it should still be. Killing our young is an animal response to stress.

In the old days, prior to legalizing this abhorrent act, it is true that many illegal back alley abortions killed and/or maimed expectant mothers. We now have modern day birth control. Something that we didn't have back then. We will very soon have approval of the "morning after pill". That should take care of rape cases, and some incest as well.

This year and with this appointment of a charismatic Christian woman,the high court will probably at the very least choose to limit abortion to very few circumstances.

We may see a shift from the welfare programs of the past, where we have multi- generational dependence on Government support. A shift back to values, something that many of our youth in these times doesn't seem to have.

Our society is imploding from lack of purpose and moral values. A few changes wouldn't hurt.

President Bush may be smarter that you think...

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cdadave said...

Herb...great stuff, all the way. I especially enjoyed the "autumn in North Idaho" post down below. We are indeed prisoners of the technology. Ah, but if I hadn't learned to type on a MANUAL typewriter, I'd be at a loss on computers. And my typing speed has increased since I started going online. Can you believe I've had at least one e-mail account since 1997? I think we just take what we can from the technology and roll with it. I just learned within the last coupla years, what a DVD actually IS. Now I love 'em. I really wish you all the best with your cancer treatments. You have a wonderful attitude, which can only be beneficial in the long run. I hope, if that happens to me, I'm as brave as you. Take care, buddy...