Saturday, October 22, 2005

Navy Base

In a recent inquiry by a local spy, I was asked,"What does the Navy REALLY do at their base in Bayview"?

I thought everyone knew that! It's a support base for the underwater city and U.N. arms factory bubble city between Lakeview and Bayview, Idaho.

You've seen the black helicopters, right? You know, the ones that are going to invade us through Canada? Right there... Flying Saucers? Right there...

The demise of the Blueback fishery? Food for the aliens working beneath the deep waters of South Lake Pend Oreille! Oh, and of course the secret underwater gold mine. I hope I've answered your question, Stebbijo...Oops! Now I guess you're out of the closet, dear...


stebbijo said...

Out of the what?

I always knew that black helicopters were/are watching the gold in the guise of saving the Blueback fishery! That is no frigging secret! After all, I saw one of them jump right out of the lake right before my very eyes! What friggin' planet are you from?

And -- when are you going to hit up the Bayview city council for a BTA -- Baywiew Transit Authority?

I want to be able to commute to work so I can afford to live in Bayview!

Bill McCrory said...

And just how are you feeling?