Saturday, October 29, 2005

Nature's Balance, Right?

Much has been written about the "endangered" Mountain Caribou, including the one in this morning's spokesman-Review, written by James Hagengruber.

Caribou...Cougars... Cougars...Caribou.

Joe Scott, of Bellingham, Washington, as mentioned in the above article, bemoans Canada's policy change, to give up trying to introduce Mountain Caribou into areas that they don't naturally prosper. Namly, the areas bordering Canada and Idaho, in the Selkirk range.

I'm wondering if Joe was in the forefront of the activists campaign of a few years ago, banning the use of dogs in hunting Cougars, and advocating natural selection.

Well, Joe, you've just been batted over the head with a dash of reality. Protection and reintroduction of predators does not bode well for the less hardy species or traditional victims.

You can't have it both ways, pal! Either give up on the artificial introduction of Wolves, Grizzlies and Cougars, or wave bye-bye to Caribou, deer and Elk.

Methinks you have been hoisted on your own petard...

Oh, and by the way, the Selkirk Caribou reside in Idaho. Police your own area, please. We have our own wackos without having to import any from a neighboring State...

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stebbijo said...

I know -- it is rediculous! I saw this grizzly scam coming into Idaho's backyard over 10 years ago and well -- I had bear poop on my deck back then! They were after my BARBEQUE! I also had spotted owls in my trees! I am a wondering if that ex of mine did not accidently kill a caribou with his sledgehammer or not. It was a scary time! AND -- those Idaho MOOSE are as big as ALASKA'S! I know, because I saw one in MY freezer!

AND those wolves! Well the locals get damn tired of competing against them! Those cows turn up missin' way too often!

All those local Fish and Game yahoos said was, "Wear bells around your neck, cook the damn owl for dinner, and never mistake a cow for a local!"

Those Cougars were a hoot too -- especially when the FBI came out to see it treed so they could get a good shot!

You should hear about that fish I had in my freezer! I had to fold it up to fit!