Thursday, May 15, 2014


A few minutes ago I opened a comment made in rebuttal to my column of yesterday. In it, which I din't publish, though I might have if the person didn't hide behind "anonymous." This person objected to my use of the words, "Kook" and "Extremist." He went on to suggest that I was left of Obama. Go figure.

I'm posting some stuff from NIPAC website that proves interesting. First, a link to how the Kootenai County Central Committee voted last fall when they apporved a resolution tabling the vote indefinitely, to remove the 17th amendment plank from the state party supporting the repeal of the 17th amendment. For those that haven't much luck remembering numbers, that was when after the early years of our country, when distances were difficult along with communications, U.S. Senators we elected by state legislators. The 17th gave the vote to individuals. Apparently, comfortable with control of the legislature, they want the control to extend to choosing Senators. In other words, you vote to give up the vote. This link tells you which precinct committeemen (women) voted which way. For the record, my opponent for precinct 4, Clay Leander voted for the resolution to be tabled along with a majority of the committee.

KCRCC_17th Amendment Vote Minutes_November_26_2013

This site also gives recommendations for reasonable republicans if you wish to use it to guide your vote. f you don't know the candidates, the next best thing is to ask someone you trust.

The only way the extremists can hold control is if you and others don't cast a vote. The election is upon us. Next Tuesday will tell the tale.


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