Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It has been a week since I was a participant in an electoral drubbing. Two things popped out at me after a few days reflection. One, was with no experience in running for office and unable physically to walk the precinct and knock on doors, I was in a difficult spot. The second was running against a well prepped caucus. Extremists of both the left and right tend to be highly dedicated to their cause, even if that cause is off the rails as a practical matter.

I actually gave a sigh of relief when it became obvious that the entire slate I was wedded to was soundly thumped.  I wouldn't have wanted to serve in a minority role where attending county meetings without the opportunity to effect change would have been in vain.

Although as a astute observer of the political wars, I just didn't think dirty tricks and lies, half truths and outright fabrications were issued against me recklessly and often, would happen in a neighborhood like ours. I was wrong.

Mysterious e-mails,  comments that came to my blog of which I didn't post, indicated that I was several things I hadn't thought I was. The town drunk. I would wager that in the last year I have visited bars about 8 times, always leaving after a self-imposed limit of three beers and often as not, just two.

A leftist. I was brazenly told that I was left of Barack Obama and that I made Obama look like a tea party enthusiast. It seems that the big lie is fair game for out local Wackos. For the record, In other than local elections for mostly non-partisan offices, I have voted straight Republican since my first one which was for Barry Goldwater, 1964. Since through Nixon, Reagan three times, (once for governor) etc. etc.

Fifty unbroken years in which I have voted this way. If this is leftist, then perhaps my labeling of the Wackos is pretty benign. 

Whether I run again is too far ion the future for me to say. I will be 78 next time around and may not be in good enough health. But if I do, all the stops will come out and I will win. One comment laughed at me over the 91-50 vote loss, claiming I was the better known candidate. Yes, but through the years of writing both in the Spokesman-Review and nine years of blogging, I undoubtedly have offended some, as I have never been shy of offering an opinion on almost anything.

That said, and since I didn't have the advantage of being on the winning side with the losses across the board, I consider 50 votes as a plus, and then the large number of people that I number as friends were not in some cases, not even aware that the 20th of May was the election date.This accounts for why the totals. I choose to take from this experience the positives and I want to thank each and every one of you fifty, that knew me and had faith that if elected I would do a good job. Fifty votes from an electorate that was so moved that only 22% chose to cast their vote, yet without a doubt will be the first to bitch about a government they didn't help choose.

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