Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Extremists tend to be much more activist than people that actually have lives. This minority gets their voters out, when many busy with jobs, raising families and other pursuits sometimes cause folks to think that their votes don't matter. They do.

When the three school districts got together for a shared tech training school, an improbable vote was set up. In order for the school issue to work, all three districts had to approve it.  It was approved here in the Lakeland School district by 5 votes.

If you want the county and state to continue to be run by fanatics that want a return to the gold standard, nullification, which voids federal laws in Idaho and the most odiferous of them all, repealing of the 17th amendment.

For those of you that get the numbers mixed up, the 17th was when after 125 years of U.S. Senators elected by state legislatures, the broken system was fixed. The 17th. Now we can vote directly for our senators. For those that like trivia, that is where the term Statesman came from. Now these boobs expect you to vote for the right to not be able to vote.  The 17th was approved by 36 of the states. How many of you think those states are going to turn the clock back?

These issues are not even probable if they were local and state issues. They are non-starters. Yet these people howl at the full moon and yearn for yesterday. Even my opponent for precinct committeeman voted to repeal the 17th amendment in the County Republican Central Committee. Why they took such an asinine vote shows the control over which the former Constitutionalist and severe libertarians have dominated out area. Realism has deserted many of these stalwart Wackos.

Whatever you vote, do not let the extremists win due to low poll numbers. Get out and vote even if you favor the wackos. Just participate. Oh, and vote for Herb Huseland for Precinct Committeeman. I like the constitution just fine the way it is.

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